Food Trucks

"Everything looks really good. No more black stuff everywhere."

DC food truck owner/operator

The number of successful food trucks in the greater DC/Baltimore metro area has exploded in the last two years, providing greatly needed convenience and variety to residents and visitors. As food truck operators know, food trucks are considered commercial kitchens by local fire marshals and are required to comply with National Fire Protection Association Standard 96 for grease cleaning. HADPRO is familiar with the tight quarters and unique grease-containment challenges posed by cleaning food truck hoods and exhaust fans, and we’re ready to help. Once you schedule a cleaning, simply drop your vehicle and keys off at our offices and you can come pick it up when it’s done. It’s really that simple. Of course, you’ll get all the usual convenience services we provide other customers, such as before & after photo documentation, a courtesy phone call to schedule follow up service when you’re due again, etc. Read more about what makes HADPRO different from competitors on our Grease Removal page, or contact us to speak to an IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS).