Hospitals & Nursing Homes

"They say pictures tell a thousand words, it’s true- our Fire Marshall loves the follow-up documentation pictures of our clean ducts when complete."

Facilities Supervisor, Major Maryland Hospital

HADPRO’s core service is cleaning dangerous grease build up, but we know for many customers, especially hospital and nursing home customers, leaving the REST of the facility -- floors, countertops, and equipment -- as clean as we found it is a major determinant of customer satisfaction. HADPRO takes a number of steps to achieve this goal, including:

  • Reviewing a standard cleaning checklist prior to departing the job site
  • Using extra thick sheet plastic to protect countertops, equipment, and other surfaces to prevent rips and tears in plastic during cleaning
  • Mopping (minimum of twice) to prevent leaving residues on floor surfaces
  • Bringing a wet vacuum to every job site to use where necessary to clean up excess water

We’re not perfect of course and sometimes we miss a spot, but if we do we will gladly send a technician out the following day to correct any clean up oversights free of charge. Read more about what makes HADPRO different from competitors on our Grease Removal page, or contact us to have an IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS) visit your location.