Government and Airports

“We are very pleased with HADPRO and the service we’ve received.”

Retail Operations Executive, International Airport Management Office

HADPRO works with a wide variety of public sector organizations including airports, government agencies, correctional facilities, police academies, and more. Common across all is an emphasis on security, safety, and environmentally conscientious operations. HADPRO is ready to meet these needs, and has experience with the following security-related procedures:

  • Contractor employee background checks
  • Photo ID requirements
  • Custom badging and/or escort procedures
  • Providing records of equipment accepted on-site
  • Security procedure education & exams for contractor employees

Let HADPRO help keep your facility safe from security threats AND safe from grease fires. Read more about what makes HADPRO different from competitors on our Grease Removal page, or contact us to have an IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS) visit your location.