Schools & Universities

"I found your sales and office representatives to be very professional, courteous and most helpful. The work itself was done very well and in a timely manner"

Assistant Director of Operations at VA Public School County

HADPRO understands that schools and universities have their own unique operational rhythm, and we match that rhythm by scheduling cleaning services during student vacations, holidays, and on Sundays whenever possible. HADPRO is well-versed in coordinating with security and engineering personnel, and can match your back office billing needs whether you prefer to pay by purchase card with PO#, by check, credit card, or via electronic direct deposit. HADPRO also carries general liability insurance for the protection of our customers’ equipment and property that is in excess of industry standards. Read more about what makes HADPRO different from competitors on our Grease Removal page, or contact us to have an IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS) visit your location.