HADPRO will recommend a contractor for free if you need installation or repair services that go beyond what we offer.

HADPRO can install hinge kits, access panels, and roof protection systems, but sometimes our customers need more specialized installation and repair services such as: grease trap or hood installation, duct work extensions, duct leak repairs, exhaust fan belt replacement, or motor repair.

In such cases, HADPRO refers our customer to a member of our contractor network, and most importantly, we collect no commissions or fees on contractor network referrals for repairs and installations. We do not collect commissions on referrals because we want to avoid any conflict of interest when recommending a contractor. If a contractor in our network does subpar work we do not have any financial incentive to continue recommending them. HADPRO maintains the contractor network simply to give our customers peace of mind that if something goes breaks or goes wrong HADPRO will be there to help solve the problem, whether your kitchen is located in DC, Virginia, or Maryland.